Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the app to any phone?

We've designed the app for both iOS and Android phones. Just go to the App store or Play store to download the app for free.

How do I apply for an Insomnia Treats account?

Register your details at and then download the Insomnia Treats app on your mobile phone device and register your card. You must register your Insomnia Treats Card in order to activate your account.

What exciting features does the loyalty programme offer?

Every 10th coffee is free (excluding meal deals)
Earn beans on every purchase including promotional deals
Earn 2 beans for every pound spend, 2 beans = 2 pence
Exclusive Insomnia treats
Earn 20 extra beans when using a reusable cup
Free Birthday Treat
Free seasonal drinks
Earn one free coffee with the purchase of an Insomnia Keep Cup

How do I collect Insomnia beans?

Every time you make a purchase in Insomnia make sure to scan your app or card. That way you will be rewarded with 2 beans for every pound you spend!

How can I spend my Insomnia beans?

One Bean = 1 pence. Once you have enough beans built up, you can redeem them to purchase anything you fancy instore!

How can I check my balance?

You can check your balance online, on your phone or in store with our baristas! Your balance is printed on your receipt once you scan your card or app. You can also check by logging into your app or using your treats username and password.

Will there be giftcards?

Yes we hope to have gift cards in store in the near future.

Still got more questions?

Contact us at if you need more information on our loyalty treats programme.

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