Insomnia Christmas MenuInsomnia Christmas Menu

Insomnia Christmas Menu

Christmas has come early at Insomnia with the launch of our Christmas Menu. As always, we've got a great selection of old favourites and a few surprises on the menu to get you ready for the festive season. 

This year our Christmas cups were designed by renowned Irish artist, Fuschia Macaree. Inspired by exciting Christmas activities with family and friends including bringing the Christmas tree home, going Christmas shopping and iceskating with friends. 

Hot Beverages

Gingerbread Latte/Cappuccino

A firm favourite every year, Gingerbread syrup swirled with our signature espresso and velvety milk topped with a mini gingerbread biscuit.

Chestnut Latte/Cappuccino 

Enjoy the flavour of our signature espresso swirled with Caramel sauce and velvety steamed milk, drizzled with caramel sauce for a marbled effect. 

S'mores Hot Chocolate 

A brand-sparkling new edition to our Christmas Menu. Our S’mores Hot Chocolate is made with luxurious milk Belgian chocolate buttons, a dash of S’mores Syrup and topped with latte steamed milk and whipped cream.  Best enjoyed topped with marshmallows and a sprinkle of chocolate flakes and Gold Dust. 

Praline Hot Chocolate  

An indulgent hot chocolate made with melted Belgian chocolate, toffee nut syrup and topped with whipped cream. Sprinkled with marshmallows, chocolate flakes and toffee crunch for that extra Christmas magic. 


Gluten Free Vegan Billionaire Slice 

We’ve combined the best of both worlds with this indulgent treat, our vegan billionaire slice has layers of sticky toffee, rich chocolate ganache and a fudgy chocolate chip cookie base and is finished with gold dusted chocolate chips. This delicious treat is also gluten free. 

Sticky Chocolate & Orange Cake

This decadent  sponge cake is flavoured with orange curd and finished with a chocolate flavour coating. The gateau is then drizzled with dark chocolate and orange flavoured white chocolate. 

Florentine Brownie

One of our delicious new treats is a Christmas tree shaped brownie topped with caramel and Christmas fruit and nuts, finished with dark chocolate drizzle. With a spiced chocolate brownie base covered with sticky caramel this delicious treat will have you coming back for more

Salted Caramel and Sparkling Cinnamon Sponge

This delicious caramel sponge is topped with white frosting and drizzled with salted caramel, decorated with cinnamon sugar and gold crisp balls, this which will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Penguin Biscuits

This delicious mallow shortbread biscuit is flavoured with ginger and is sure to be a hit this Christmas. 

Mince Pie 

Our mince pie's are made a sweet shortcrust pastry and filled with rich, fruity mincemeat. Topped with a sweet snowy-white flourish, it is the ultimate Christmas sweet treat. Only made better when accompanied by our smooth flat white.    

Lunch Menu

Christmas Feast

You'll feel like you're already sitting around the Christmas dinner table when you try this sandwich - Christmas farmhouse pulled turkey breast, baked ham, homemade stuffing, baby spinach, seasonal cranberry sauce on thick malted bread.

Brie & Cranberry Veggie Christmas Melt


Enjoy this delicious toastie with homemade herb stuffing, creamy brie, cranberry sauce & baby spinach and grilled cheese on a pumpkin and cranberry bloomer bread.  

All of the items on the new menu are available in stores today, so whether you’re looking forward to trying our tasty new treats or old favourites we will get you in the festive spirit!

  • Insomnia Voyager - 2nd Limited Edition

Insomnia VoyagerInsomnia Voyager

Insomnia Voyager

Join us on a Journey

Insomnia Voyager

We are delighted to introduce the 2nd Limited edition of Insomnia Voyager – we are 22 years in business this year and constantly innovating to respond to changing trends.

A journey in every cup

Every year we pack up, go out and find you a new exotic coffee to try, roast it medium and with heaps of respect. This year we went to the mountains of Guatemala and Brazil. Just one sip and you will be transported there too.

Where are we getting our new coffee in 2019?

Countries: Brazil & Guatemala

Locations: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil and Huehuetenango, Coban, Verapaces, Retalhuleu, San Marcos, Zacapa, Guatemala

Cooperatives: Ascarive, Brazil and Fedecocagua, Guatemala

Number of Producers: +20,000

Certification: Fairtrade

Altitude: 900-1600 BR and 900-100 GU 

Varieties: 100% Arabica

Carmo de Minas, in Brazil, is a town of coffee producers dedicated to the production of high-quality coffee. With the rising number of producers 50 years ago, the town’s cooperative was founded in order to fulfil the producers’ needs.

Likewise, in 2008, the cooperative directors started creating an association, thinking of raising benefits for the producers of this region, and of granting farmers the sale of their coffee with real financial gains, eliminating mediator buyers who always practiced lower prices than the market. As a result, in 2008 the ASCARIVE was founded, composed mainly of family farmers who have coffee farming as a source of income and sustenance of their family. The Association got certified by Fairtrade in April 16th, 2010.

Nowadays ASCARIVE has a total of 50 associates, all concerned with the preservation of this environment

ASCARIVE’s mission is to produce high quality coffee, allowing small producers to improve their income, recognizing the product’s quality, producing with ethical principles, and preserving the environment, while guaranteeing sustainability at long term.

FEDECOGAGUA is a certified Fairtrade producer based in Guatemala. Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade. This allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their everyday shopping.

Established in 1969, FEDECOCAGUA is a cooperative organization with 20,000 members. Seventy percent of co-op members are members of indigenous groups from various regions of Guatemala, including Huehuetenango, Coban, Verapaces, Retalhuleu, San Marcos, and Zacapa.

Some Fairtrade Programmes

  • Buy new trucks that help to reduce transportation costs involved in coffee production;
  • Establish healthcare centres and pharmacies to meet the needs of local families;
  • Create micro-credit and pre-harvest financing programs;
  • Construct new schools and offer members’ children scholarships to continue their education;
  • Finance electricity, potable water, and road construction projects;
  • Lend support to the “Maria Auxiliadora Weavers Club” a group of 25 women weavers who have exported their colourful handmade crafts, bags, placemats and napkins to Germany, benefiting more than 125 children from Patzun, Chimaltenango.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast - is both balanced with acidity and sugar. Sugar is more pronounced. Increasingly more popular, starting to see on the high street

What does it taste like?

It has notes of Milk Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Caramel, Blueberry and Blackberry.

It is recommended that it is served as an 8oz or 12oz cup. A 16oz cup may lose the flavour of the coffee.

Whats the difference Between Dark Roast and Medium Roast?

  • The new coffee has been cooked for less time
  • This means less caramelisation of sugars
  • Increased sweetness
  • Less dissipation of acidity
  • More Cherry qualities
  • Softer
  • A completely different experience to your current offering
  • Insomnia Chocolate Menu

Insomnia Chocolate MenuInsomnia Chocolate Menu

Insomnia Chocolate Menu

Inspired by the indulgent Belgian chocolate Insomnia brings you a brand-new collection of mouth-watering hot chocolates and chocolate bakery. This year more than ever we’re bringing innovation with the launch of a 4th type of Hot Chocolate – The Ruby Hot Chocolate - exclusive to Insomnia! The bakery collection has been put together to include some new brownies and introduces a new Vegan Friendly Raspberry & Chocolate Brownie to the Insomnia menu. 


Ruby Hot Chocolate

The new Ruby Hot Chocolate is an exclusive drink being launched for the first time for Insomnia! Made from Real Ruby Cocoa Bean the Ruby Hot Chocolate unlocks the flavour and colour tone naturally presented in the Ruby bean - this is the 4th type of chocolate next to Dark, Milk and White chocolate. The Ruby Hot Chocolate is an intense sensorial delight, a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. 

Golden Caramel Hot Chocolate

Made with luxurious gold caramel Belgian chocolate buttons for a magical festive treat. Enjoy the flavours of melted caramel chocolate with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream & an exciting dash of salt. Enjoy topped with a sprinkle of Gold Dust and chocolate flakes.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Insomnia’s famous real melted milk chocolate with fresh steamed milk and blended with Salted Caramel syrup, sprinkled with chocolate balls!

Signature Hot Chocolate

If a hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside get ready for the best hug you’ve ever had. Our signature hot chocolate is made with real chocolate, melted down into a rich chocolate sauce, whisked with warm milk and topped off with a choice of chocolate flakes, marshmallows or a swirl of whipped cream. Our baristas are happy to add whipped cream, marshmallows or chocolate flakes to any of your drinks for no charge, all you have to do is ask as you place your order!


Vegan Friendly Raspberry & Chocolate Brownie

The newest brownie to arrive at Insomnia is the Vegan Friendly Raspberry & Chocolate Brownie. A chocolate brownie base glazed with a layer of dark chocolate, sprinkled with light, dry raspberry pieces… and the best part is - it’s Vegan Friendly!


Banoffee Brownie

The Banoffee Brownie is the ultimate indulgent treat, a chocolate brownie with a caramel layer and whole banana chunks topped with milk chocolate drizzle - It’s simply impossible to resist!



Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

This luxurious Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Chocolate Cake is smooth and creamy with a light hint of hazelnut. The topping is an absolute dream - salted caramel drizzle, chocolate swirls and dollops of XXX cream...



Katsu Chicken Mango Wrap

Chicken with sweet mango curry, red cabbage slaw, black sesame seeds on pumpkin & turmeric wrap.


  • Explore Insomnia's Summer Menu

Insomnia Summer MenuInsomnia Summer Menu

Insomnia Summer Menu

Just in time for Summer, Insomnia have launched our new menu filled with exciting new flavours that will keep you refreshed all summer long. Whether you’re an ICECAP fanatic or iced drink lover we’ve got you covered. From the mighty Oreo ICECAP to our newest berrylicious addition - the Strawberry Rainbow ICECAP, prepare for a taste explosion.

This summer also sees the return of our Traditional Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon Granita and Peach Ice Tea, we guarantee you’ll only be one sip away from a relaxing tropical paradise! If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a delicious array of summer inspired patisserie products for you to treat yourself to. We also have the perfect al fresco additions to our lunchtime menu. 


Introducing the Insomnia ICECAP™ blended frappe, the taste of summer in a cup, perfect for those blistering summer days! Blended to order, customers can choose from the four delicious flavours:


The world’s most popular cookie, blended with ice and milk, covered with cream and topped off with a mini OREO™ cookie for an unrivalled treat.

Salted Caramel Latte ICECAP

This blended frappe is the perfect match for Insomniacs who still need their caffeine fix. With a shot of espresso, vanilla, milk and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce, this is the ultimate afternoon pick me up. 

Mint Chocolate ICECAP

Our delicious Mint Chocolate ICECAP is a refreshing blend of mint syrup, vanilla, milk and Belgian chocolate flakes, topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

Strawberry Rainbow ICECAP

Our Summer showstopper is a mouth-watering blend of milk, strawberry and vanilla finished with whipped cream, a sprinkling of colourful milk chocolate confetti, marshmallows and rainbow belts. 

All our tumblers are fully compostable and served with paper straws.

ICE Drinks

Traditional Lemonade & Raspberry Lemonade

If you need something zesty and refreshing on those long hot summer days (touch wood). We’ve got just the drinks for you, try our Traditional or Raspberry Lemonade and it’ll be just the hydration boost you need. 

Peach Ice Tea

Brewed to perfection our peach ice tea is the ultimate thirst-quenching summer refreshment. Bonus points - it is sugar free!

Watermelon Granita

Granita is an Italian frozen dessert very similar to sorbet, except that a Granita’s texture is coarser and flakier - like eating snow! It's briefly crunchy at the first gulp and then deliciously melts in your mouth. Packed with flavour, it’ll be love at first crunch. 

Bakery Range

Rainbow Cake

Our stunning showstopper is filled with layers of colourful sponge, topped and side coated with a delicious sweet frosting. The top is then covered with a scrumptious chocolate sauce which has cascaded down the sides of the cake, finished with a sprinkling of rainbow coloured sugar pieces. The perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth. 

Vegan Lemon Grove Cake 

Get in summer mode with this lusciously light vegan lemon sponge, filled and topped with lemon frosting with a swirl of lemon sauce and decorated with pumpkin seeds and cornflower petals. 

Chocolate Caramel Crispy Square

A deliciously rich caramel covered crispies topped with a thick layer of gooey caramel and smothered in creamy milk Belgium chocolate.


Vegan Coronation Chickpea

For those gloriously sunny lunch breaks in the park, why not try our delightful new Vegan addition to our food menu. Enjoy curry spiced chickpeas, grated carrot, iceberg lettuce, red pepper and coriander on thick malted bread.

  • Our New Year Menu

Our New Year MenuOur New Year Menu

Our New Year Menu

The Christmas period has bid us farewell for another year, but fear not as Insomnia have a brand new range for you to start 2017 off the right way, we have introduced some new tasty treats and brought back some of your old favourites that are sure to tempt your taste buds. Our new range is available in-store now so why not brush away those January blues with a guilt free delight or kick start your day with our antioxidant enriched Rooibos Red Espresso or Matcha products.

Better off Red

What is Rooibos we hear you ask? Rooibos is completely pure and natural as it contains no additives, preservatives or colourants. Rooibos contains antioxidants that fight free radicals (a by-product of normal cell function), which weaken the body’s natural defences and lead to ageing, the declining of the immune system and the onset of a wide variety of diseases.

The unique antioxidants in Rooibos are known to have the following beneficial effects:

  • It helps soothe headaches.
  • It has a relaxing effect of the central nervous system.
  • It has antispasmodic properties and alleviates insomnia and irritability.
  • It helps to boost the immune system.
  • It acts as a digestive aid.
  • It helps with the relief of stomach cramps, ulcers, nausea, heartburn and constipation.
  • It has antiallergenic and anti-asthmatic properties. It is believed to be helpful in the management of hay fever and eczema.
  • It contains no oxalic acid (a toxic acid found in certain plants) and is therefore a good choice for those prone to kidney stones.
  • It has low tannin content, so is not bitter-tasting like other teas. It also means that absorption of iron and proteins into the body is less affected, making it particularly good for pregnant women and people who are anaemic.
  • It helps to calm infants and eases colic in babies.
  • It is inherently sweet, low in calories, and can be enjoyed without sugar – making it an ideal choice for diabetics or people on calorie-restricted diets.
  • It is non-diuretic, i.e. a fluid replacement, so there is no limit on how much you can have in a day.



The Power of Matcha

Once again this year we are trying to inform all of our customers of the metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune-boosting, cholesterol-lowering, cancer fighter, which is of course, Matcha. Insomnia were one of the first coffee shops in Ireland to introduce Matcha and year on year we see it become more and more popular. Some of the benefits of Matcha you can find below:

  • Cancer preventer
  • Anti-Ager
  • Lowers "bad" Cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxifier
  • Mind improver
  • Fibre
  • Energy enhancer

As part of our New Year range, we are encouraging people to try for themselves the powers of Matcha, with two options available; Vanilla Matcha Latte and Matcha Porridge.

Our new range also sees the return of our Organic Chumnee Lemon Green Tea, which also brings with it many health benefits, which include healthier skin, weight loss, and crammed full of antioxidants.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Be sure to start your day the best way possible, with a Vanilla Matcha Latte and bowl of Matcha Porridge. Likewise, you can have our standard bowl of porridge for just £1.80 with a number of delicious toppings to choose from; fresh fruit pieces, juicy raisins, honey, cinnamon, granola & fruit yogurt, chia seeds, or chocolate drops. 

Tempting Treats

We’ve added three new bakery products to our New Year range, the ‘Banana & Cranberry Loaf’, the ‘Lemon, Blueberry & Low Fat Yogurt mini Loaf’, and the ever popular ‘Orange & Poppy Seed Cake’. 

Insomnia Summer Menu 2016Insomnia Summer Menu 2016

Insomnia Summer Menu 2016

The eagerly anticipated summer season is finally upon us, and as such we have refreshed our menus with delightful new sweet and savoury products, comprising of delicious seasonal ingredients to complement the sunshine and satisfy your appetite. 


Summer wouldn’t be summer without Insomnia’s ICECAP™ blended frappes! This summer is no exception, as we welcome back our four ICECAP™ drinks. Blended to order, you can choose from the following delicious flavours;

The Oreo™ ICECAP™  

The world’s most popular cookie is blended with ice and milk, topped with Cream and this year the piece de la resistance to our most popular ICECAP will be a mini OREO™


The Caramel Latte ICECAP™ 

Ideal for all the Insomniacs that still need their espresso fix , this blended frappe contains a mix of espresso, vanilla, milk and caramel syrup , topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.


The Mango ICECAP™

We will be bringing back one of your favourites from last summer, get fruity with Mango smoothie and Vanilla Frappe blended with Ice and topped with whipped cream.


Dark Mocha ICECAP™

This summer’s newest addition to the ICECAP family, another one for the coffee addicts, and choc-aholics, with a mix of espresso, vanilla milk and dark chocolate sauce, topped with cream.


Coffee Over Ice

If it’s too hot for your favourite coffee, try it over Ice! Our iced coffees start with an Insomnia Classic and just serve it over ice. There are many varieties to choose from, why not try:

  • ICED Americano with Hazelnut or Carmel Syrup – the original ICED Coffee, very refreshing and recommend with syrup such as Hazelnut or Caramel.
  • ICED Caffe Latte/Cappuccino – these are cool and smooth – Insomnia espresso served over ice with milk
  • ICED Caffe Mocha Dark or White – Insomnia Espresso, rich dark or white chocolate sauce and steamed milk served over ice.



We have just what you need for those warm summer days (touch wood), and if you fancy something Zesty, then you’ll have to try one of our three refreshing iced drinks; Traditional or Raspberry Lemonade, and our thirst quenching Ice Tea.




Bakery Range


Let us introduce our first summer treat, our Peach Frangipane; Like mini peach cobblers with soft "peachy bottoms”. They have a crumbly cake layer in the middle with a smooth, crunchy golden top, sprinkled with almonds.


Sit back with a cup of Insomnia Raspberry Lemonade and our new White Chocolate & Raspberry Log, which has a light spongy outer layer filled with raspberries, a real taste of summer.  

We are offering a slice of summer with our all new Eton Mess; this desert is a twist on the classic, with a shortbread crust, meringue, strawberries, and flakes of pistachio make this a creamy treat to savour on a warm summers day.


Our White Fudge Square completes our four new summer bakery products, crumbly shortbread base with coconut macaroon pieces, white fudge and chocolate topping.


Lunchtime Range

We hope Al Fresco will be the theme for this summer, and we have four new lunch options, three new sandwiches and an all new summer salad:

  • Brioche Brunch - Traditional Style Brioche Roll filled with Free Range Egg Mayo, Crispy Bacon and Smoked Chorizo.                       
  • Avocado & Mozzarella Mash Up - Sliced Avocado, Fresh Mozzarella, Sun Blushed tomato, Wild Rocket & Sriracha Dressing on a Hand Rolled Sourdough Baguette               
  • Moroccan Chicken Wrap - Chicken ,  Moroccan Spiced Couscous, Fresh Carrot & Chermoula Mayo on a Tomato Tortilla             
  • Hot Smoked Salmon Salad - Hot Smoked Peppered Salmon, Free Range Egg, Edamame Beans, Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale & Watercress with French Dressing              

For the list of nutritional information on our Summer range, please click HERE

Our Chocolate RangeOur Chocolate Range

Our Chocolate Range

Although its not quite sunbathing weather, Spring does mean longer and brighter days ahead, something we all get a little excited about after the short cold days of winter. This isn't the only thing to get excited about, our new chocolate range is sure to put a spring in your step.

With every new range we try and introduce our customers with a number of new delicious treats to choose from, this campaign we think we have out done ourselves, but we’ll let you be the judge. As they say variety is the spice of life and it’s important to constantly grow and improve our range, this campaign is no different.

Bakery Range

Our latest bakery offerings are truly divine and we really hope that our customers feel the same way too.

With three new tasty products to choose from, as well as all your old favorites you will have a tough decision to make when deciding what to accompany your Insomnia coffee with.

With this campaign focusing on chocolate, we invite you to try out our three new bakery products; “Honeycomb Tiffin”, “White Chocolate Raspberry slice”, and “Cookies & Cream Brownie with Ganache”, all three are part of our meal deal offer which allows you to pair one of the three bakery options with any hot beverage of your choice for only €4.75



Honeycomb Tiffin

Crunchy biscuit and Belgium chocolate brownie, topped with honeycomb, ideally accompanied with our all new Dark Hot Chocolate.

White Chocolate Raspberry slice

A little slice of heaven with every mouthful, this cake is soft to touch and even better to taste, topped off with white chocolate, this raspberry infused delicacy will do crazy things to your taste buds!

Cookies & Cream Brownie with Ganache

Cookies and cream clusters stuffed into a delicious chocolate brownie, topped off with mouth-watering Ganache, we dare you not to enjoy this tasty treat!



Hot Chocolate Beverages

With chocolate being the main theme throughout this new campaign, it comes as no surprise that we have introduced a new hot chocolate drink to the menu.

With the new “Dark Hot Chocolate” making its debut, as well as the return of one of our more popular hot chocolates, as voted by you, via our Facebook poll, we re-introduce the "insomnia Hazelnut Hot Chocolate" and if that wasn’t enough we will of course have our much loved Signature Hot Chocolate and Hot Angel.


Insomnia’s Dark Hot chocolate

Insomnia’s Dark Hot chocolate, the latest addition to our range of gorgeous chocolate beverages, see’s real dark chocolate pieces melted down and infused with fresh steamed milk.

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Reintroduced by popular demand, we listened to our customers and are delighted to bring back the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Insomnia’s famous real melted milk chocolate with fresh steamed milk and blended with Hazelnut syrup, sprinkled with Hazelnut bits is sure to have our customers springing for joy!

Put a Spring in your step, and treat yourself to one of our four chocolate beverages, you wont be disappointed.

To find out more on the nutritional information of our new Chocolate Range, click here

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Brewing InstructionsBrewing Instructions

Solaris TeaSolaris Tea

Solaris Tea

Insomnia is proud to partner with Solaris Tea to provide a quality herbal tea range to all INSOMNIACs. Based in the West of Ireland, Solaris has won 12 Great Taste Awards, Best Irish Organic Grocery Product by An Bord Bia and the Eurotoque Award by the Irish branch of the European Community of Chefs and Cooks. It is clear that Solaris Tea is anything but your ordinary cup of tea. 

What makes Solaris Tea different?

  • Solaris Tea is Certified Organic.
  • Using only Whole-leaf tea, Solaris Tea retains 95% more Antioxidants than ordinary tea.
  • Hand picked from the Spring Flush (first harvest) to ensure optimal freshness and a high vitamin content.
  • Does not contain any artificial flavours, colours or aromas – only natural ingredients
  • Teas are in silken teabags made from organic corn starch. 
  • The tea envelope and the teabag are 100% biodegradable.

To find out more about the benefits of Solaris Whole-leaf Tea visit:

The Insomnia range of Solaris Teas include:

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