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03 Jan2020 Beat the January blues with our New Year Menu!

Beat the January blues with our New Year Menu!

New Year Menu

We’re shaking things up after our indulgent Christmas drinks by adding some nutrient rich drinks that will have you feeling terrific! 

Hot Beverages 

Purple Latte made with Coconut Milk 

An exciting new addition to the menu is our Purple Latte. Purple Latte is made from purple sweet potato and its purple colour is all natural, coming from the same pigment that makes the red colour of strawberries and cherries. This drink is vegan-friendly as its made using coconut milk and is also caffeine free too.

As well as sweet potato, it contains other all-natural ingredients including coconut sugar, beetroot, butterfly pea and a hint of ginger. 

Golden Turmeric Latte

A golden oldie is our Golden Turmeric Latte! We have a latte love for turmeric lattes at Insomnia and so this delicious and nutritious "Super Latte" is the perfect January pick-me-up. Turmeric is renowned for its powerful antioxidant agents, anti-inflammatory properties and is said to act as a digestive aid which helps boost your metabolism. This is useful for these colder months to help keep you in tip-top shape!

This is also a caffeine-free drink and carries the perfect blend of cinnamon and ginger, and coconut blossom sugar for sweetness. This can be made vegan by asking your barista to make it with dairy-free milk. 

Matcha Latte

Matcha is made from ground green tea leaves, ours is also mixed with a little vanilla for flavour and will keep you energized the whole day through. Matcha is also known for its health benefits for your immune system and is rich in antioxidants... Vegan? Just asked for it to be made on dairy-free milk... What's not to love? 


Vegan Coffee & Hazelnut Brownie 

Our newest brownie to the family! It's plant based, made with moist dark chocolate brownie base, topped with a coffee-flavoured frosting, roasted hazelnuts, chocolate-flavoured cookie pieces and finished with a dark chocolate drizzle. Its rich flavour from the luscious dark chocolate is well balanced with the sweet coffee icing and cookie pieces, along with a nutty flavour from the roasted hazelnuts. 

Vegan Nuts about Toffee Cake

Our new Vegan Nuts about Toffee Cake is a wonderfully sweet treat suitable for vegans. It contains layers of sweet vegan toffee-flavoured sponge, then filled and topped with a deliciously sweet peanut flavour icing. A dreamy drizzling of caramel sauce, a sprinkle of crunchy honeycomb and hazelnuts finishes off this wonderful treat.

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