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The Insomnia Coffee StoryThe Insomnia Coffee Story

The Insomnia Coffee Story Our Story

We truly believe in great coffee and our promise is to deliver the best cup of coffee to each customer every single time they visit. We're passionate about every detail, from our specially selected Fairtrade beans to our skilfully trained baristas to our dedication in doing our bit to helping the environment. This is our story.

The Insomnia Blend

We launched our 100% Fairtrade coffee in 2006. We have travelled far and wide to meet the co-ops and farmers who grow our coffee. For us it’s essential to know our farmers, for them to know us and to create a long lasting relationship together.

The Insomnia Blend is a unique recipe, blended just for us, and the speciality grade beans are sourced from Colombia, Tanzania, Peru and Sumatra. Our coffee beans are roasted for us weekly.

  • Colombian Bean: Medium body, subtle citric top notes, clean finish.
  • Tanzanian Bean: Big body, chocolate malt & nutty notes, lasting finish.
  • Peruvian Bean: Medium body, chocolate notes with hint of apple acidity, long & rich finish.
  • Sumatran Bean: Creamy body, toasted sugar & smoky chocolate notes

Our unique blend of Fairtrade premium coffee beans is specially roasted for us weekly. The shorter the time between roasting and serving, the fresher, smoother and fuller flavoured the taste.

Tasting Note: “Syrupy, smooth body with liquorice note and aromas of cherry. Through milk notes of cocoa powder with a clean, round creamy finish.”

The Perfect Extraction for Espresso, the base for most of our coffees: 14 grams of Coffee, 25 seconds, 95°C and 50ml of specially filtered water.

Our Baristas

Our promise is that you will get the best cup of coffee, in whichever format you choose, every time you visit our stores. To keep this promise, we have our baristas – who go through three levels of training. There is 50 hours of barista training behind every cup of coffee we serve. Quality and customer service are key elements to our philosophy, and each one of our baristas deliver this with their skill, personality and passion for coffee.

Our brilliantly trained baristas and engineers are the geniuses behind our coffee; it’s their continuous inspections of the coffee machine, temperature, crema, colour and taste, which always delivers the best cup of coffee.

Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade is a global movement that seeks to make trade fairer through connecting small farmers and consumers. When companies sell on Fairtrade terms, they act as a link between two ends of the value chain.

Insomnia Coffee Company has been Fairtrade certified since 2006 and has used 100% Fairtrade certified coffee long before it was fashionable. 2017 will be the 11th year of Insomnia serving only 100% certified Fairtrade coffee beans, which is a massive accomplishment and one that we are immensely proud of, not to mention determined to continue for many more years to come.

Each year we sell over 22 million Fairtrade cups of coffee. With the steady and fair business generated by Insomnia Coffee, farmers and workers, from who we source our products, are enabled to improve their working and living conditions. Moreover, Fairtrade encourages environmental protection. Fairtrade standards help small farmers make environmental protection an integral part of their farm management, including reducing pollution, limiting the use of harmful chemicals and finding organic alternatives.

Our coffee is a balanced blend sourced from Colombia, Sumatra, Peru and Tanzania. Each time you enjoy our coffee you are helping to make poverty history for many people in these countries. Fairtrade certification means that co-operatives get a fair price for their beans, thus allowing them to invest in better salaries, equipment and social projects. Farmers are guaranteed to receive at least the Fairtrade Price for their coffee which aims to cover their costs of production and act as a safety net when market prices fall below a sustainable level. This Minimum Price also rises with world market prices.

Our Projects

By working with Fairtarde Co-ops we ensure that farmers receive an agreed standard price as well as a premium which can be used for business and community development, thus protecting the land they farm for future generations.

We feel our involvement shouldn’t stop there, developing the lives of these communities so that they can sustain future growth is part and parcel of what we believe in and what we feel is right, this is why we take part in Fairtrade Fortnight each year, raising funds for designated Insomnia Fairtrade projects.

Every year during Fairtrade Fortnight we help to raise funds which go directly to our nominated Insomnia Fairtrade projects of the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Union. Thus far, Insomnia have been a part of three wonderful Fairtrade projects, the Library Support and Girl’s Empowerment in Schools Project, and the Infirmary & Dispensary at the Hekima Girls School, Bukoba, Tanzania, our third, and most recent project aims to raise funds towards the construction of a Youth Centre for young members and the children of members and workers involved in production of Fairtrade certified coffee in Peru, combined, we have raised an amazing £80,267, which could not have been done without the magnificent contribution of our customers. 

Going Green

Insomnia Coffee Company believe businesses can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities they serve. We’ve been committed to being responsible and doing things which are good for the planet and each other ever since we opened our first store in 1997.


It’s a big challenge, but we’re making progress to reduce the impact of waste in our stores.

We encourage our customers to pick up an Insomnia KeepCup, these reusable takeaway cups come in Tall or Grande sizes and when you bring yours into any of our participating stores, you will be rewarded with 20 extra ‘Beans’ to your Insomnia Treats account and when you make your first purchase of an Insomnia Keep Cup we offer you one Free Coffee! This we hope will incentivise our customers to re-use their KeepCups, thus saving on the amount of disposable takeaway cups used.

Not yet a part of our Treats programme? Discover what other perks await you when you sign up here.


Did you know you can pick up bags of used coffee grounds at your local Insomnia? Well now you do!

Using coffee grounds on plants and in gardens is sustainable and beneficial. There are three ways you can use coffee grounds on your plants: as fertilizer, for composting and to control pests. Another great benefit is that the grounds are not added into landfill, so we achieve two benefits with one single action: helping you nurture your soil and protecting our environment.

It’s great to know that our grounds can be put to such good use after you enjoyed your favourite coffee and we are happy to supply them to our customers for their gardening. Pick up a free coffee ground bag in any of our stores. Another great benefit is that the grounds are not added into landfill. So we achieve two benefits with one single action: helping you nurture your soil and protecting our environment.


The ability to recycle paper cups, whether at home, at work, in public spaces or in our stores, is dependent upon several factors, including local recycling policy and access to recycling facilities such as paper mills and plastic processors. Along with others in the industry, we’re working on a solution to the challenges of paper cup waste.

High volumes of Insomnia Coffee cups are collected by waste recovery operators. As the plastic cups comprise of composite materials, they cannot be easily recycled. However, these cups are recovered and are not sent to landfill, but are sent for waste to energy.

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