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Insomnia Voyager

Join us on a Journey

Insomnia Voyager

We are delighted to introduce Insomnia Voyager, it's the first new coffee in our 21 year history.

A journey in every cup

Every year we pack up, go out and find you a new single origin coffee, roast it medium and with heaps of respect. This year we went to Cooperativa de Caficultore de Manizales, a cooperative of 4054 coffee farmers in Colombia’s Green Mountains. Just one sip and you will be transported there too.

Where are we getting our new coffee in 2018?

Country: Colombia

Location: Caldas

Cooperative: Cooperativa de Caficultores de Manizales

Department: Caldas

Number of Producers: 4,054

Certification: Fairtrade

Altitude: 1200-1600 masl

Varieties: Caturra & Colombia

Process: Washed

The Cooperativa de Caficultores de Manizales is a coffee producer organization founded in 1960 as the commercial partner and business representative for over four thousand members in the municipalities of Manizales, Chinchina, Manzanares, Neira, Samana, Victoria, Palestina, Marquetalia, Villamaria, Marulanda and Pensilvania in the Department of Caldas, Colombia. 

The organization offers a variety of services based on the principles of cooperative participation and competitiveness. It aims to provide farmers with fair prices and to have a positive effect on each member’s quality of life as well as for their families and the rural communities in which they live.

As of August 2013, ninety-three percent of members are small landowners who work independently and whose total income is dependent on agricultural activity. At least half of the organization’s coffee is sold as Fair Trade, all of which is produced by farming families from eleven municipalities within Colombia’s Caldas Department in the central west. 

Some Fairtrade Programmes


Health Care: Cardiovascular Risk

Many rural producers in the coffee business suffer from cardiovascular health issues. Manizales is using premium dollars to help reduce these heath issues from arising and affecting producers and their direct beneficiaries. Additionally, these routine check ups are the most effective way to test rural producers for cancer.

Promoting Women’s Empowerment

The committee of coffee producers is using Fair Trade premiums to increase awareness and gain support for women’s initiatives in the area. Through these programs, there will be an increase in women’s participation in the leadership of the organization. Women will be trained in the processes of management, human resources, empowerment, and coffee business.

Technical Assistance and Pest Mitigation

Environmental Management is of the utmost importance to producer members. Since fertilizers are used on the coffee plants, worker safety is a top priority. All producers are given suits to wear, and they learn about the health risks associated with these chemicals. The General Assembly took another precaution and mandated routine checkups to those providing these applications

Medium Roast

Medium Roast - is both balanced with acidity and sugar. Sugar is more pronounced

Increasingly more popular, starting to see on the high street

What does it taste like?

It has notes of dark chocolate, malt, red fruit and a little squeeze of grapefruit.

It is recommended that it is served as a 8oz or 12oz cup.

A 16oz cup may lose the flavour of the coffee.

What is the difference between a blend and single origin?

Single origin

  • is made up of coffee from 1 origin
  • A single origin coffee offers only the flavour of that particular coffee, is less complex in flavour than a blend.
  • It has to have a well rounded and balanced experience in all sensory areas:
  1. Taste Profile
  2. Balance
  3. Aroma
  4. Mouthfeel
  5. This offers a very different experience from the core coffee – a coffee that purists will appreciate, as this is not your current customer, it offers an alternative to broaden your consumer base.

A Blend

  • is a combination of coffee’s
  • A blend will bring together a combination of coffee’s that offer collectively the above experiences.

Whats the difference Between Dark Roast and Medium Roast?

  • The new coffee has been cooked for less time
  • This means less caramelisation of sugars
  • Increased sweetness
  • Less dissipation of acidity
  • More Cherry qualities
  • Softer
  • A completely different experience to your current offering

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