• Insomnia Voyager - 2nd Limited Edition

Insomnia VoyagerInsomnia Voyager

Insomnia Voyager

Join us on a Journey

Insomnia Voyager

We are delighted to introduce the 3rd Limited edition of Insomnia Voyager.

A journey in every cup

Every year we pack up, go out and find you a new exotic coffee to try, roast it medium and with heaps of respect. This year we went to the mountains of Honduras and Papua New Guinea. Just one sip and you will be transported there too.

Where is our Voyager blend from?

Countries: Honduras and Papua New Guinea

Locations: Copan, Honduras and Okapa, Papua New Guinea

Cooperatives: COCAFCAL, Honduras and HOAC, Papua New Guinea

Number of Producers: +3,000

Certification: Fairtrade

Altitude: 1600 BR Honduras and 1400 Papua New Guinea

Varieties: 100% Arabica


Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) is located in the remote Okapa regions of Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

HOAC was founded with the support of their exporter Coffee Connections as well as PNG’s Coffee Industry Corporation, as a way to support community development in the face of limited services in the region, with a particular focus on the PNG’s two development goals of export driven economic recovery and encouraging renewable resources.


The Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada, commonly known as COCAFCAL or simply, Capucas, was founded by Omar Rodríguez Interiano in 1999 in Las Capucas, western Honduras. The land was purchased by his family over 100 years earlier, primarily for coffee and tobacco production. Once an established coffee producer, Rodríguez decided to share his knowledge with other coffee growers in the region, forming the cooperative.

Today, the organization is made up of 359 small-scale coffee producers, of which 18% are women. Widely known in the coffee industry, COCAFCAL works to promote sustainable development and support the local economy. As a part of their mission, the organization aims to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in rural communities throughout the region.

Some Fairtrade Programmes

Poor road conditions are one major impediment to transporting coffee, through utilising the Fairtrade Premium HOAC has restored 35kms of roads and employed over 300 local people who live in the villages along the road.

HOAC have built five gravity-fed water supply systems so far, reaching more than five villages throughout the Eastern Highlands. More than 17,000 individuals, five schools, two aid posts and one health centre have benefitted with a fresh and accessible water supply.

COCAFCAL has invested in a local health center located in the village of Capucas.

The COCAFCAL organisation founded a Football camp for young people in the community. The camp is cost-free and provides youth with a healthy, recreation outlet.

COCAFCAL has invested in the development of a virtual library for students in the community and also funds scholarships for members’ children pursuing higher education.

COCAFCAL supports families facing extreme poverty by using Premium funds to build or repair housing.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast - is both balanced with acidity and sugar. Sugar is more pronounced. Increasingly more popular, starting to see on the high street.

What does it taste like?

It has notes of Milk Chocolate, marzipan, caramel with light citrusy acidity.

Whats the difference Between Dark Roast and Medium Roast?

  • The new coffee has been cooked for less time
  • This means less caramelisation of sugars
  • Increased sweetness
  • Less dissipation of acidity
  • More Cherry qualities
  • Softer
  • A completely different experience to your current offering
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